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Aug 20, 2002
I have to bomb my house and was wondering how long after I do it until you think it will be safe to bring my inverts back home? THe room where I keep them won't be done, but others will be.
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Aug 5, 2002
I'm just curious... if you're planning on bombing the WHOLE house, how do you plan to exempt the one room where your inverts are? A wet towel against the crack under the door won't cut it, I can tell you that much...

Since a bug bomb is AIRBORNE, and the pesticides we have done at our house are CONTACT-KILLING, I can't help you with personal experience... i have had ZERO trouble with Orkin using contact killer sprays around the baseboards even in the same room with the inverts... only kills on contact, no airborne residue. A bug bomb is a whole different animal... I would think the residual airborne effects of that would be longer-lasting and more apt to float into your inverts' cages after the fact... that would probably be a question for the company doing the bug bomb... of course, once you explain how you have bugs as pets, they will probably look at you as if you've slipped a rod... I know my Orkin guy did...