how big do xenesthis get??


Old Timer
Jan 15, 2006
My demised X.immansis (when i was abroad longterm it died in the care of my spider sitter unfortunately, i should have sold it but thats water under the bridge) left me with her last skin at 18 cm/7 inch legspan and a 28mm carapace. She was about 6 years old so she wasnt particulary large. I have seen them wild caught at the UK BTS show and assuming they are the same species these were HUGE specimens, way bigger than my female. There was no measuremants but im guessing 9.0-9.5 inch legspan (sorry to change the scale but I switch from imperial to metric on whim) and carapace around 35mm, so looking more like a goliath.

anybody out there with X.immansis skins who can throw some statistics.