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Holothele sp. "Tachira"

John Apple

Just a guy
Old Timer
Jan 26, 2003
The sac has hatched and mom is still guarding the open sac with babies in and on it, I think this is the first U.S. sac that has hatched of this species


Old Timer
Feb 15, 2006
Holothele sp tachira

March 1st-6th 2009
Holothele sp tachira MM 2"
Holothele sp tachira Female 3.5"

temp 78F set in darkish room females cage and males cage were both kept at high humidity misted daily. Female fed tell not accepting food then I removed the remaining crickets before introducing male.

Male introduced to female over one week three times.
Each time male was introduced I left him with female for around three hours with no results. Male would wildly waive his boxing gloves at female come just near enough to touch then run away this happened about every 20 min. tell I would pull male. I decided to cohabitate the male with the female. When I put him in he ran right over to the female got several insertions ad ran away. I decided to leave him in for the co habitation anyways put them in a dark room left him for 3 days with the female on the third night he was gone.