hmm to trade or not to trade..


Oct 14, 2010
i'm thinking about trading my adult female OBT [havent seen her in months :rolleyes:] i can only have a few T's right now and i would like to have species i could actually see..out of my 4 the oly ones i often see are my g. rosea and h. lividum [wow oxymoron {D ] anyway, i'm not yet sure i want to trade her, but if i do, will i likely be able to find a taker? and also, what should i try to trade for? i'm looking for a relativaly showy and maybe colorful T..maybe a brachy? thanks for any advice

Mojo Jojo

Old Timer
Nov 3, 2002
Make a list of tarantulas that you would like to acquire. Put up an advertisement that you want to trade your obt and put down the list of tarantulas that you would consider trading for. OBTs are a dime a dozen, so I'm guessing you should try to trade for a handfull of slings or perhaps a few unsexed juvies.

Or perhaps if you are feeling adventurous, you could try acquiring a male to breed to your female.