Hey thats not an emperor part 2


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Jan 6, 2007
so after carefuly studying each specimen that i got from my new source i have determined that of the 5 emperors i ordered, NONE of the scorps i have received are emperors.

the one which first roused my curiosity was more blatant because it had brown skin between it's chitin but upon studying the others and being stung twice i have come to the conclusion that they to are forest scorpions, they have the same distinguishing characteristics as the forest scorpion i identified in another thread.

they posses the indentation on each claw, a black stinger smaller body size and much more aggresive and quick however their skin on thier flanks is grey just like an emperor, i believe that this batch of emperors consisted of one Hetermetreous SPinifer and 4 hetermetreous laoticus.

now time permiting before the super bowl starts i need to do a mission to set up a new tank to seperate these guys from my 4 emperors.

i am annoyed that i can do business with a professional invert dealer and they make this mistake.

anyway i just thought i would share this story as a reminder to everyone else to be very careful with what you get because the person sending it might not be.

any other horror stories?


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Oct 3, 2006
Where did you get them from? Clerical errors happen, but I'd be delighted to get heterometrus instead of emp's.... unless I truely had my heart set on them. Agreed it is never enjoyable to get what you didn't ask for, and setting up tanks for things you didn't ask for is even more of a pain in the rear! I like to order from individuals rather than full time dealers. I hope you better luck in the future.

Had a horror story but I was more happy than horrified. Walked into petco to get a heat mat and saw they had emps so I just wanted to give them a glance before I left and I saw there was some heterometrus mixed in, so out of curisoity I bought one, and while getting the exact ID on here I tossed it into a divided emp tank. Well he ventured over the divider and took out my male from my breeding pair of emps. So I went to petco and asked since it wasn't an emperor they were selling but rather a more aggressive species, could I be refunded for the scorp that he ate... Well they didn't want anymore problems so they handed the other heterometrus that was mixed in (they're shipment was 8 juvenile emps, 2 accidental adult heterometrus). So I ended up with my laoticus pair for only $9.99! :)


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Jun 8, 2006
My store had been recently getting in P. cavimanus instead of emps and now for the last two weeks we've gotten a H. petersii and a few Heterometrus sp.