Help our Hobby expand! Free and Easy. Species we do not have in U.S.


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Apr 8, 2009
As most of you know, there is a desire for more variety of species in the U.S.
While I hope to have an import license in the future, it is by no means assured. So while thinking about solutions, I came up with this idea.

Let's help the importers know what species we do not have yet, in one easy to read thread. I will be adding a "no need to import" thread as well.

To make this thread effective for this purpose, it must stay on topic. Please do not post commentary or anything else not directly related to species we do not have here! Thank you. :worship:

Now when the importers get an availability sheet, they can have an easy to read resource to see if there is a need for that specie instead of just guessing! This will give them knowledge to make good business decisions and maybe take more risks as well.

Thank you all for your time and effort. :) ~Ryan

"Not needed or already being bred" thread here:
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Sep 22, 2008
orthochirus scrobiculosus negebensis.

Though they may be available here and there they are not a readily available species in the US.


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Apr 8, 2009
To avoid excessive cutting and pasting, this is from scorpion fauna site which is why there are BU/CA etc. in front of names. It is a wonderful resource for us, Thanks Eric!

BU Centruroides baergi

BU Centruroides bertholdii

BU Centruroides chamualensis

BU Centruroides chiapanensis chiapanensis

BU Centruroides chiapanensis tapachulaensis

BU Centruroides elegans elegans

BU Centruroides elegans insularis

BU Centruroides elegans meisei

BU Centruroides flavopictus flavopictus

BU Centruroides flavopictus meridionalis

BU Centruroides fulvipes

BU Centruroides hoffmanni

BU Centruroides infamatus infamatus

BU Centruroides infamatus ornatus

BU Centruroides limpidus limpidus

BU Centruroides limpidus tecomanus

BU Centruroides nigrescens

BU Centruroides nigrimanus

BU Centruroides nigrovariatus nigrovariatus

BU Centruroides noxius

BU Centruroides ochraceus

BU Centruroides orizaba

BU Centruroides pallidiceps

BU Centruroides rileyi

BU Centruroides schmidti

BU Centruroides sissomi

BU Centruroides suffusus chiaravigli

BU Centruroides suffusus suffusus

BU Centruroides thorellii

BU Tityopsis aliciae

CA Hadrurus arizonensis austrinus

CA Hadrurus concolorous

CA Hadrurus hirsutus

CA Hadrurus pinteri

CA Hoffmannihadrurus aztecus

CA Hoffmannihadrurus gertschi

CHC Nullibrotheas allenii

EU Megacormus gertschi

EU Megacormus granosus

EU Megacormus grubbsi

EU Megacormus segmentatus

EU Plesiochactas dilutus

EU Troglocormus ciego

EU Troglocormus willis

SCN Bioculus caboensis

SCN Bioculus cerralvensis

SCN Bioculus comondae

SCN Bioculus cruzensis

SCN Bioculus parvulus

SCN Diplocentrus actun

SCN Diplocentrus anophthalmus

SCN Diplocentrus bellator

SCN Diplocentrus bereai

SCN Diplocentrus chiapasensis

SCN Diplocentrus churumuco

SCN Diplocentrus colwelli

SCN Diplocentrus coylei

SCN Diplocentrus cozumel

SCN Diplocentrus cueva

SCN Diplocentrus ferrugineus

SCN Diplocentrus gertschi

SCN Diplocentrus hoffmanni

SCN Diplocentrus jaca

SCN Diplocentrus keyserlingii

SCN Diplocentrus luisae

SCN Diplocentrus magnus

SCN Diplocentrus mellici

SCN Diplocentrus mexicanus karschi

SCN Diplocentrus mexicanus mexicanus

SCN Diplocentrus mitchelli

SCN Diplocentrus mitlae

SCN Diplocentrus montecristo

SCN Diplocentrus ochoterenai

SCN Diplocentrus perezi

SCN Diplocentrus rectimanus

SCN Diplocentrus reddelli

SCN Diplocentrus roo

SCN Diplocentrus silanesi

SCN Diplocentrus sinaan

SCN Diplocentrus steeleae

SCN Diplocentrus tehuacanus

SCN Diplocentrus tehuano

SCN Diplocentrus williamsi

SCN Diplocentrus zacatecanus

SU Alacran tartarus

SU Sotanochactas elliotti

SU Typhlochactas cavicola

SU Typhlochactas granulosus

SU Typhlochactas mitchelli

SU Typhlochactas reddelli

SU Typhlochactas rhodesi

SU Typhlochactas sylvestris

VA Franckeus kochi

VA Franckeus minckleyi

VA Franckeus nitidulys

VA Franckeus peninsularis

VA Franckeus platnicki

VA Franckeus rubrimanus

VA Paravaejovis pumilis

VA Paruroctonus arnaudi

VA Paruroctonus baergi

VA Paruroctonus bajae

VA Paruroctonus borregoensis actites

VA Paruroctonus borregoensis borregoensis

VA Paruroctonus coahuilanus

VA Paruroctonus luteolus

VA Paruroctonus nitidus

VA Paruroctonus pseudopumilis

VA Paruroctonus stahnkei

VA Paruroctonus surensis

VA Paruroctonus ventosus

VA Paruroctonus xanthus

VA Pseudouroctonus andreas

VA Pseudouroctonus cazieri

VA Pseudouroctonus chicano

VA Pseudouroctonus lindsayi

VA Pseudouroctonus rufulus

VA Serradigitus adcocki

VA Serradigitus agilis

VA Serradigitus armadentis

VA Serradigitus baueri

VA Serradigitus bechteli

VA Serradigitus calidus

VA Serradigitus dwyeri


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Apr 8, 2009
VA Serradigitus gigantaensis

VA Serradigitus haradoni

VA Serradigitus hearnei

VA Serradigitus littoralis

VA Serradigitus minutus

VA Serradigitus pacificus

VA Serradigitus yaqui

VA Smeringurus grandis

VA Stahnkeus allredi

VA Stahnkeus harbisoni

VA Stahnkeus polisi

VA Stahnkeus subtilimanus

VA Syntropis aalbui

VA Syntropis macrura

VA Syntropis williamsi

VA Vaejovis acapulco

VA Vaejovis atenago

VA Vaejovis bilineatus

VA Vaejovis bruneus bruneus

VA Vaejovis bruneus loretoensis

VA Vaejovis bruneus villosus

VA Vaejovis cashi

VA Vaejovis cazieri

VA Vaejovis chamelaensis

VA Vaejovis chiapas

VA Vaejovis cisnerosi

VA Vaejovis curvidigitus

VA Vaejovis decipiens

VA Vaejovis diazi diazi

VA Vaejovis diazi transmontanus

VA Vaejovis dugesi

VA Vaejovis eusthenura

VA Vaejovis feti

VA Vaejovis flavus ?

VA Vaejovis franckei

VA Vaejovis galbus

VA Vaejovis glabrimanus

VA Vaejovis gracilis

VA Vaejovis granulatus

VA Vaejovis gravicaudus

VA Vaejovis hirsuticauda

VA Vaejovis hoffmanni fuscus

VA Vaejovis hoffmanni hoffmanni

VA Vaejovis insularis

VA Vaejovis intrepidus atrox

VA Vaejovis intrepidus cristimanus

VA Vaejovis intrepidus intrepidus

VA Vaejovis janssi

VA Vaejovis maculosus

VA Vaejovis magdalensis

VA Vaejovis mauryi

VA Vaejovis mexicanus mexicanus

VA Vaejovis mexicanus smithi

VA Vaejovis mitchelli

VA Vaejovis monticola

VA Vaejovis nayarit

VA Vaejovis nigrescens

VA Vaejovis nigrofemoratus

VA Vaejovis norteno

VA Vaejovis occidentalis

VA Vaejovis pattersoni

VA Vaejovis pequeno

VA Vaejovis pococki

VA Vaejovis punctatus punctatus

VA Vaejovis punctatus spadix

VA Vaejovis punctatus variegatus

VA Vaejovis punctipalpi barbatus

VA Vaejovis punctipalpi cerralvensis

VA Vaejovis punctipalpi punctipalpi

VA Vaejovis punctipalpi sonorae

VA Vaejovis puritanus

VA Vaejovis pusillus

VA Vaejovis rossmani

VA Vaejovis setosus

VA Vaejovis solegladi

VA Vaejovis sprousei

VA Vaejovis subcristatus

VA Vaejovis tesselatus

VA Vaejovis vaquero

VA Vaejovis viscainensis

VA Vaejovis vittatus

VA Vaejovis waeringi

VA Vejovoidus longiunguis

Wow! I think that about covers Mexico. I tried to exclude any species that can be found on both sides of the border, if you see any errors feel free to correct me.


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May 22, 2006
There are some extremely rare scorpions among those names that will probably never enter the hobby....Another thing is, that importers are in general not able to identify what they import.

So if your really want to help the importers, I would remove the extremely rare ones, and start teaching them scorpion systematics...


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Nov 30, 2009
There are some extremely rare scorpions among those names that will probably never enter the hobby....Another thing is, that importers are in general not able to identify what they import.

So if your really want to help the importers, I would remove the extremely rare ones, and start teaching them scorpion systematics...

Plus, if I could, I would go on hunts for the rarer US species. I would. But I dont have the gas money, time, and...well just that to go hunt them. I live halfway across the continent :p


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Feb 24, 2004
its not too much the importers that have the trouble with ids and what not
its the exporters that dont know realy what this stuff is unless its a species that they normaly collect for the importers
(i have worked for a few reptile wholesalers in the past)
the exporters just dont kow unless you show them and they dont know enough about them to go looking for something unkess they know enough about it and how to get it and where to find it to them its just $ not what the importers customers are looking to get so its realy a tough thing to get by

just my thoughts on this one