help needed urgently, fireleg stuck in moult for 2nd time


Sep 22, 2006
I got up this morning to find my mexican fireleg ( B. BOEHMEI) had moulted during the night, its now about 1.5cm big.

It all started about a month ago, i stayed out over night and came home to find the boehmei had moulted and was still stuck in the moult ( it cast off all its back 4 legs) and was dragging the skin around with it. I tried feeding a few times but it always refused ( made ure it had plenty of water)

It moulted again last night and got stuck again ( so its now walking around with 2 old skins still attached) :?

what can i do? all help recieved with thanks



Old Timer
May 9, 2006
Post a pic if you can - this will always help.

Meantime, are you sure she's not still busy moulting? If so, I suggest attempting to assist: Use a weak solution of soapy water which you paint onto the affected area. Take care not to get water in her booklungs - openings are underneath her opisthosoma (abdomen). Gently try to easy the old exuvium off.

You can move her to the bathroom, where you crank up the hot taps with the plugs out and all windows / doors closed. This will give you a sauna for Ts, and the added humidity might assist, but the longer you leave it the more the exuvial fluid will dry, making your job harder.

Try this and I'm sure more tips will follow...

Good Luck! :)