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Jul 22, 2002
I ain't saying "welcome" until you recognize me as the Overmind, the eternal will of the swarm. Either that or I will send my mutas to kill you lurkers.


Old Timer
Apr 5, 2003

i actually think that the majority of people that post HELP ME RIGHT NOW I AM DYING posts have done so because they get a species that they HAVE read up on, and asked a couple prelim questions, but as we all know with T's, sometimes (read: usually) what we read isn't what we get. So they get freaked out cos one source says "WILL NEVER CLIMB" and then all of a sudden their little sling is climbing like crazy -- i mean, we're all, i'd say, pretty hardcore in this hobby. I mean, i KNOW i'm not the only one that refers to my bunch of T's as "my kids" -- not that i'm delusional, but --

we love this hobby and i think some people get freaked out, because there is a higher mortatlity rate with T's than, say, dogs. I mean its obvious, since we don't know too too much about T illnesses, and there are no T-hospitals to go to... we MUST rely on places like this, which is why this place kicks ass, also!

We've all posted an URGENT message since we're not familiar -- i don't think its cos we didn't read up or research..

but we've all also impulsively bought something.. Hell, im living in hell right now (pittsburgh) because i decided to impulsively move from Boston, and a week later i was in a truck :)

But i FULLY agree with you in regs to some people who just buy these things, straight outta petco, no reading up, just a nice big sponge in a bowl and some gravel and a twig from a tree outside, and then they're like "PLEASE HELP MY TARANTULA IS UPSIDE DOWN -- IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S SKIN IS COMING OFF -- IT'S DYING :( " -- and youw ant to be like 'man, read some <poop>' -- but at the same time, you gotta start somewhere.. and i guess its up to us to help the new people in this hobby -- we all started somewhere... :)

welcome to the boards, mate!!!
great bunch of people -- nice mix... sarcasm, dry wit, american humour, british humour, and ALOT OF PEOPLE FROM THE SOUTH :)