Jan 4, 2003
HI, im trying too learn all i can, so sry for asking stupid questions. i have 2 Ts iv had then for 2 weeks now ,and i am thinking about changing the tanks around too give 1 of my Ts(PINKY) that likes to burrow some burrowing space. My T.Blonde(T-rex) doesnt seem like he wants too burrow at all,But (PINKY) is a burrowing machine im thinking about renaming her casper because i never see her:) But today i was watching tv and glanced in (PINKYS) tank and she was hanging around by the Hole she dug and the web thats like a sheld around the hole, i got all happy because i never see her she looked hungry so i threw a FAT cricket in there and she went crazy and chased the cricket hafe way across the 10gal tank and bite into it she bite it so quick and hard that the cricket juices squirted on the glass of the tank i just fed the crickets an orange yesterday.......WOW it was so cool she eat it right in front of me as she leaned against the glass all i can say is WOW.... ANYWAY i want too put my tanks on there sides so the tanks stand tall not long but i have heating pads on them can i peel the pad off and reuse it will it stick again and if it wont stick what kind of glue do i use the reason i want too do this is to be able too make the subteran at least 1 foot deep so (PINKY) can burrow her ass off if she wants too. sry for going off topic there my wife say i do it all the time sry ....THX FOR READIND