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Oct 18, 2010

Just a quickie, I have just purchased a heat strip that will allow me to heat a couple of enclosures. My question is this:- Does the strip need to be flush against the back of the enclosure to be effective? I ask because the bottom of the strip will be at the same level as the substrate surface and, as my enclosures are on a shelf, I don't fancy taping it because if I need to bring the enclosure down off of the shelf it's gonna be a real pain. So I was thinking velcro pads or something to allow me to easily fix and remove the strip. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

Oh, I'm in the UK before I get any of the don't use heat mats/strips, room temp is fine comments lol!!!

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Dec 29, 2010
To be most effective it would need to be flush with the back of the enclosures. Having said that, in my experience all my T's like to constantly lay on the glass or substrate directly in contact with the glass that the heat is applied to. I let it go on for a few months and it did not seem to negatively effect any of them accept maybe make them a bit more dessicated(I assume), though they are all well fed and have access to water. I recently changed it so it does not come into direct contact with the enclosures but has like a 1/4 inch buffer. It still gives a warm spot on the glass for the T to gravitate towards if it wants and heats the enclosure about 3-4 degrees above room temperature which is enough for me.(I am in New York) Velcro sounds like a good idea and that will add a bit of a gap between the enclosure and strip to dissapate the heat a little. If it takes too much of the heat away take a couple layers of aluminum foil and insulate the back of the heat strip to force the heat forwards

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