Heat heat heat


Jul 27, 2016
How does running a 1500 watt space heater dry the air less than a 40 watt ceramic heater bulb?Or running the home furnace at 80?
I'm not following your logic.
A space heater has the power to heat a larger area so the fall-off on temperature does not occur for a large distance. It doesn't need to be right up near your container to maintain a consistent result. This also allows you to easily monitor any differences in this temperature over time.
For a bulb you have to position it so that your container is in its path because there is a big fall-off in temperature for anything that is not in the path. This leaves it open too easily for error (too intense heat = a fatal error). The bulb also has no closed loop ability so it adds heat to whatever the room temperature might be only at the container. If you walk through that room you may not notice until it is too late.