having an exciting dayy with my T's


Sep 24, 2010
well i usually dont get to experience anything with my Ts. i just get to see them sit in their webs and catch a cricket a couple times a week but never drink water or groom but today was different. i look in my suntigers enclosure (its a sling still maybe 2 inches now) and see what i think is it in a death curl so i felt bummed out and was going to see if i could maybe put it in an icu but then realized it was a molt and i can see its front legs coming out of its burrow after i cut open his funnel. so i quickly remove the molt and sit there and see its finally showing some adult coloration, all black with the orange stripes and green carpace so that had me excited only until i looked over to see my a. pupurea grooming and cleaning its legs! then i look back at my suntiger and its doing the same on its backk (its amazing) ive never seen a T do this. then i look down and see yet another rare sightt! my indian violet came out of its burrow after catching a cricket (which i didnt get to see sadly) to fix its web and it layed down some more webbing! ive seen this spider 3 times before today, when i recieved it and put it in its first home when i rehomed it and the day after i saw it digging up its burrow that was a month ago lol. i knew it was alive cause the crickets would disappear over night so i was okay with it. well i just thought i would share that cause im excited i got to see my Ts do something other than sit and eat and actually got to see one lol.

heres a link to the video, sorry for the crappy quality its a vid from my phone i didnt want to miss it.

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