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Haplopelma albostriatum


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May 22, 2005
Half successful

My computer crashed so I lost a lot of data, but I'll try to reconstruct with what I still have.

I traded for a mature male, and bred him to 3 of my females. He bred with successful insertions on 11/15/06. She was then wintered with everyone else, temps being dropped to 65. Flooding began in January and temps were raised to 70. In February, they were further raised to 75. And in March, we were back to normal at 80. An eggsac was laid on 03/07/07 and she tended that sac faithfully for the next 18 days. I pulled on 03/26/07 and opened to find eggs with legs. I then did something incredibly stupid. I made a manual incubation container with moist substrate from a brand spanking new bag of peat, put the nymphs on a sheet of carefully taped paper towel, capped the thing, thinking they would be all safe and sound, and when I came to look at them again two days later, the container was swarming with mites!

Now, the only place those mites could have come from was the brand spanking new substrate. The deli container I was using was brand new, never used before. I had place it into the bottom of my mechanical mom, which had four other eggsacs in it, none of which were disturbed by mites. Needless to say, the bag of peat was chucked outside, the nymphs could not be saved, and I was...very cross. My substrate now gets thoroughly baked before I use it.


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Sep 25, 2006
I'm so very glad i mated this species, so far everything looks good. more detail:

Male made sperm web - sometime last week. about 3", maybe a little bigger.

Female on relatively fresh molt. she is 4.5"-5"

Male and female were introducted at approximately 1:30am Friday night (Feb 20). i saw at least two very good insertions!

Temp; about 73F. Lighting very minimal

Then again, on Sunday, at about 2pm, i introduced them again. this time, the female was extremely willing to mate, and was drumming during the whole process. They stayed attached for approximately 3 minutes. A couple good insertions were made.

that is all for now, i will update when possible.


~Ps; it is also important to note that one male got munched :( he had no front legs (Legs 1 on either side). I feel somewhat secure in knowing that the female has had a good meal. hopefully the second male will get the job done.
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