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Hadrurus arizonensis or H. spidax


Aug 5, 2002
Stung By: Hadrurus arizonensis or H. spidax

This scorpion was from a dealer too lazy to correctly ID his scorps. It was either a H. arizonensis or H. spadix but photos were never provided to anyone who could pin it down further. In theory, the venom effects should be similar between the two species so that is why the report is being left up with an ambiguous ID
- CM

The size of the scorpion:
Never Measured it, But I would guess 4 inches

How the sting occured:
I know this is stupid, but this is how it happened. . . My EXTREMELY tame Desert Hairy and I were ralaxing on the couch while watching the Simpsons ( as we had done before ) She was resting calmly on my arm as she had been for the previous hour or so.. Anyhoo, I got up to use the bathroom, and left her on the arm of the couch ( I know I know ) Anyway, I had the lights off.. When I came back, It slipped my mind that she was still out.. And I set my wrist right on top of her when I sat down! Well, let me tell you, She didnt seem to enjoy that. I got a very nice sting on the left side of my left hand. The scorp was fine, I simply picked her up.. Said I was sorry, then put her in her cage.. This wasnt just your average quick sting.. She pushed the stinger into me :)

The results:
One hole.. A fever in my hand and halfway up my arm for two weeks.. Red, Purple, And blue colored skin. My bones felt like I had Arthritis ( which I dont ) And one valuable lesson!
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