H.pulchripes and the big enclosure rework weekend


Jan 28, 2016
Love it! Although I still don't get how your pictures are so in-focus without a flash. It's almost like my camera won't focus without an actual flash. Ah, but enough of me hijacking your thread, apologies :p
I don't think you realize how bright that light can be. It lights the whole room well. I also have lenses with large apertures which allows them to focus with less light. The one I use for most of my T photos is 100mm which lets me stay back some from the subject so the scene is easier to light.

I really only use a flash when taking fast photos with my phone cause it will not focus without it. That usually startles the T and I only get to take one or two.

No worries about thread derails. This is a discussion thread and I like talking photography. :D