H gigas


Old Timer
Feb 28, 2007
This is just wonderful! (no really it is) last night I went into my walk in closet and I looked in my H gigas tank and near the entrance of the hide the substrate there looked black compared to the dark brown substrate around it. Since when does substrate go from dark brown to pure black? Well I looked closer and this turned out to be the front two feet and the pedipalps of one my newly molted H gigas which used to be a rusty redish dark red -light brown. now he's fully black now but as soon as I went in for a closer look the feet slipped into darkness. So i guess the next time I'll see him/ her is when they are really hungry.

Since I miss my babies while they were gone with roadblocks in front of their hides (my P cambridgei and one of my two H gigas) I have decided to celebrate their new molts with roaches for them...So what species does everyone buy and who from this site are reliable breeder/sellers? dubois right? (could be the wrong spelling)


Old Timer
Mar 2, 2007

Dave Grimm usually has B. dubia and I love them. Can't climb, nice & big. Takes a while to get a producing colony though. Several other good roach species are frequently available as well. Check the For Sale section, think he just recently put an ad in. Also, check the "Reviews" section to get a good idea of people you can trust to do business w/ here. Good luck!