H.Gigas Eggsac


May 20, 2009
I have an H.gigas female, Typhon whom we bred on Oct. 9th.

I discovered an eggsac around Febuary 5th. Seems a bit of a long time from breeding to eggsac production but I don't know honestly.

This was our very first breeding. All of our Tarantulas, aside from our gigas are juvis and spiderlings.

I had planned on leaving the eggsac in with her until next Saturday but after discovering 78% of our enclosures are suddenly infested with mold and buggies so I decided to pull early.

WTH is this stuff? I don't know, don't see mites, but I don't want to risk it.

We decided to pull the sac after seeing some creepy mold and such in the momma's cage.

I'm glad I did after we opened it. It had a slimy black mold growing inside the sac. Might have killed the whole lot I think if we left it in there.

Got the sac easily after distracting mama gigas.

Here it is when I pulled it, sorry for blur, camera being stupid.

I had to wait till now to open it though since I had to go to class and all. But when I got home 30 minutes ago I opened it. I setup my incubator according to lots of tutorials I saw. Couldn't find my dremel so I used a ziploc container instead for now, but I hot glued the nylon to the lid, so it won't pop off, and it's very secure. I left a can of soup on there for an hour to make sure baby spideys wouldn't fall in.

Opened the sac and this is what we see :D

I don't see the whole "eggs with legs" thing. All I see is a clear yellowish tint with some white floaty stuff inside. Best way i can describe it. They "look" good to me. This is our very first breeding attempt and eggsac, so I'm not sure what to expect other than what I've seen other people have and all the videos I've been watching from RobC.

I hope they are ok and make it. I have one iffy egg in the middle, and then there are 5 eggs that are secluded from main group and more off to the side (can't see them in pic) because they were on/close to the mold and I don't want to infect the whole group.

Here are the eggs laid out on the incubator. There are 214 eggs. Ha ha and I thought there were 50 lol.

So I have them in their incubator, our herp room stays kind of warm 78 degrees about, maybe 80s on a warmer day. Do I need to put a heat pad on low under there? Or is it warm enough?

Any thoughts on the viability of these eggs? How old they are etc...

Thanks :D


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Oct 20, 2008
Nicely done! In my limited experience the eggs look good. I personally wouldn't jack the heat up while the eggs are incubating, but then again I haven't specifically bred this species. Good luck! An underrated species IMO.