Good news and bad news


Old Timer
Jul 22, 2002
Good news is my P. irminia just molted. She looks ever more gorgous now. She is molting at the rate of once per month, sometimes even sooner.

My bad news is my lividum just died. It was completely my fault. :( I was cleaning my room last night so I put my T's tanks around here and there to get to the stuff behind them. I happenned to put my lividum's tank next to the window without much thought. Later during the night I noticed that my room smelled so I openned the window thinking I would close it in 1 minute. Not much thinking there either. Just as I was openning my window, my friend called me and told me to come down to front desk to let him in. To make long story longer, I forgot about the window and the fact that my lividum's tank being right next to the window. I must have spend 20 minutes or so downstairs talking to my friend before walking up. When we entered my room, it struck me but it was too late. I checked other T's and they were ok. This is going to stay with me for a while.


Old Timer
Feb 17, 2003
:( So sorry about your loss.

I felt the same way upon realizing that my T blondi's cage was too dry when she began molting...She got stuck in her molt, causing her to lose 3 legs and, ultimately, she didn't make it :(

Congrats on your irminia though...Little bolts of orange lightning, aren't they? :)


Old Timer
Feb 6, 2003
Aaaaaaaaaw Iam I am So sorry to hear that. (Hugs)
I know the feeling well.

Years ago. I mean Years. 14 now. I was a typical " stupid spure of the moment pet buyer."

I wanted the thing and just got it and didn't do enough homework. It wasn't T's though.

It was Bunnies.
I baught my kids two bunnies.
In two days they were dead.
So,, I got two more...

Dead bunnies...

Now the people at the pet store told me that they were dropping dead because they weren't fixed and it was a harmonal issue. :? And advised me to keep them in the same cage so nature can take it's course and they would be well... :?

Dumb ass that I was I belived them..
Two more dead bunnies and two VERY upset children ( My oldest that are now 17 and 15 ) later I said Screw it to bunnies......

I did my homework though after that....Alot of homework....
Seems that bunnies have an issue with newsprint and some treated bedding.
Both of which I piled into my old bunnies cages to play and burrow and snuggle into.... At That petshops advisment no less....

This year I got my twins two dwarf bunnies form a privet owner, I adopted them....

I felt Horrible about then dying Then.. I felt even Worse when I found out that I have basicly Killed the poor things through lack of education.

Since then I have gone to Lengths to research impending pets Well before buying...

So my heart goes out to you and I hope you feel better soon. At least your other T's are fine.

My granny always told me making a mistake is alright. Everyone does it.
Those are where the lessons are and the only true True wrong in an honest mistake is not learning that lesson.

Your a fine T owner that had a mishap.

Forgive yourself and buy a new Lividum.

And congradulations on the P. irminia molt. :)

(The twins are doing a happy happy molt dance for ya.)

Spiders Like molt dances don't ya know. Makes them want to grow Big and strong and Pertiful. :)