G. Rosea Retardation


Old Timer
Jan 17, 2006
Oh, and please don't interpret my posting as negative in any way - - she's definitely an impressive sized girl :worship: I think it's more that I may tend to undersize my Ts when I measure them.
Yea no worries mate, I wasn't taking any offense at all... being that I havent strapped her down and don't want to force her in anyway I can only try to guess at her exact size.

Today I had the opportunity to measure my P.Metallica sling's shed exuvium and I found out that I had inflated the size of her from 1" to 1.2" (which incidentally is what she is now ;P).. so that does put things into perspective for my guesstimations lol!

Shes still impressive even if she is not exactly 7", I have seen a few rosea's and in the flesh she is impressive for the sp.
Second Rose Hair I have ever owned (first passed away for unknown reasons, but was bought as a 6" adult so that might explain it, and that was the previous largest I had seen) ...

You have to look at these things objectively and try to be rational, she is a big girl though right?! :D

I have had her for almost 6 years now, but she was bought as medium sized, and has only molted 3 times with me in that time.