fuzzy bump on abdomen GBB


Nov 30, 2010
Hey Folks,

My GBB has a fuzzy bump on its abdomen. I noticed it a night or two ago, and suspect it may just be random fuzz from somewhere.

But I'm concerned because her (old) water dish is dirty. It looks like it may be developing some mold, but it's very webbed over, and when I try to get it out she becomes very defensive and attacks the foreceps/chopsticks that I put in her cage. I think the dish has become a security object for her and she doesn't want it disturbed.

But the aggression itself is a new behavior, which also makes me concerned. She used to be more docile, but I don't know if she's just maturing or is in a hungry part of the molt cycle, or if aggression can be symptomatic of an infection. She has a very healthy appetite, and otherwise seems normal, so...

I was inclined to leave the dish in, but now I'm worried she got a fungus or something; at the same time I was hoping to move her out of her current container later this week. She's been in it since she was 1" wide, and I got a nice 10 gallon aquarium for her. It'd be a shame for her to get sick right before I get that set up!

So I'm just posting some pictures to see whether experienced eyes can identify what the fuzzy bump is, and give some guidance.




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Jan 30, 2010
Those look like urticating hairs to me. Nothing to worry about. She is probably kicking them from you disturbing her when doing maintenance.


Sep 4, 2010
Mines rump looks the same, I just got a blast of hairs when trying to entice it with a crippled superworm that would not move on its own, it freaked out and ran into the wall of its cave with a loud thud:wall: then started kicking hairs like crazy. I'm hoping its premolt.