found good shop in uk for T's


Dec 21, 2006
cadbury garden centre in congresbury near weston-super-mare in the south west of england have a massive selection of tarantula species from new world species to african baboons and cobalt blues they are all bread in captivity and well looked after in the shop i thought i would add this thread as i have not found eny shops in the uk with a selection a big as theirs they also have 6 other partner stores throughout the UK from cornwall up to by wolverhampton the web address for the main site where you can access all the partner store sites is. but they dont have a stock list so you will have to ring and i have only been to the one store in congresbury so i cant say what sort of selection the others have as i know the reptile section manager in congresbury has a thing for T's and stocks lots of them.

take it easy Gav