Found a wild Texas Brown Tarantula spiderling


Jan 5, 2011
I recently found a baby tarantula outside my house (Texas Brown). I captured him and released him the next day. Well, a couple of days later, I came across another spiderling (both spiderlings are about the size of a quarter, leg span included). After reading up on this species of tarantula I discovered they make great pets. I normally have NO curiousity toward spiders whatsoever. But, I found this one and have developed a curiosity on it. Anyways, to get to the point, I'm not sure what's going on with my spidey. The first day he was very active, day 2 he was in the "death-curl", day 3 he was still in the death curl. I read that this means he is dying... and that I could attempt to "incubate" him. So I made an incubator and he was in it for 2 days, he is still in the death curl. So i created a new habitat for him, hoping he's just having a hard time adjusting. I don't know what to do, I regret capturing him, because I feel like I could have done somthing to hurt him by not having a sufficient amount of tarantula knowledge before the capture. He is in the death curl, BUT will attempt to walk when touched. He is kind of clumsy though, and seems to be real shakey. Yesterday I noticed baldness and white inbetween the joints of all of his legs. Someone PLEASE help me him back to the condition he was in before I captured him! I feel like since I captured him and now he's sick, it is only right for me to nurse him back to health. I wanted to release him again, but I'm certain that if I release him right now, he will die! HELP PLEASE!! sorry this is a novel. Also, i found a third tarantula spiderling last night, but let it be, for fear of injuring it or causing it to go into a death curl. help help help pleassseeeeeeeeeeee!


Old Timer
Sep 9, 2009
Aww I'm sorry tarantula parenthood has been so crazy :(

One of reason spiderlings die is because they don't have the proper humidity.
I keep my slings in moist coco fiber as substrate.
They get their moisture from their prey, usually a juicy cricket.

Keep us posted, and good luck with your babies.


Sep 26, 2010
you should of done the proper research when u decided to keep the spiderling. If it dies it dies