Forest Wolf sac opened


Aug 7, 2010
My Forest Wolf's sac opened yesterday. Man, that's a lot of babies! How am I ever going to separate them? I bet I'll get bitten a hundred times.

Shots before the sac *hatched*. Here are a few angles showing what Mama looks like when not covered in babies. I am assuming she's a forest wolf but I am not positive. What do y'all think?

Her underside is black. She was found in Oklahoma. Here she is drinking.

She did do some decent webbing. I placed her in temporary quarters to have the babies because I have no-see-um netting covering all the air holes in this container and hopefully the babies won't escape. I gave her a cholla log to hide in and she webbed up one end of it and disguised the opening with bits of vermiculite. The substrate isn't deep enough to see whether she'd make a tunnel. She had an artificial tunnel in her regular cage, made out of a yoplait yogart cup which she used sometimes. I don't know whether she's a deep burrower, a shallow burrower, or a surface crevice webber, but I am leaning towards her being a type of forest wolf. Perhaps a Hogna or a Geolycosa?



Feb 17, 2010
What a beautiful Wolf! and uhhh... :eek:... lotsa slings.. They look so fat! {D

Are you going to raise all the slings? :eek:

My Hogna lenta (Released) had 5 slings on her back when she was given to me. I selected one and got it off (30 minutes to do this- :wall: ). By the time I put that sling into it's vial, the other 4 had disappeared! I was so mad, LOL. :mad:

The female produced another sac a week later, only to drop it when it was nearly ready to hatch. I waited 2 days to be sure she didn't pick it up again. She didn't, so I released her. I waited 2 weeks and then opened her sac. :eek:
Wow, what a lot of babies! {D

I raised all these slings until it seemed like they wanted to explore a lot. I selected 1 from that sac, and released them all.

My oldest sling just molted, and what a beauty s/he is! The youngest is getting fat and bigger by the day!

You won't get bitten by the slings, but Mama? Be careful, LOL! Post pics soon as they get older, OK??? Good Luck with Mama and babies! S.


Jul 19, 2010
GREAT photo's.. thanks for sharing with the boards! Good Luck to Mama Wolfiie and her slings! :D Please, make sure to document the process, if possible and have a FABULOUS weekend! ;)

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Sep 25, 2009
I would be very interested in getting a few of these if you decide to go that route!