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Foney "camel spider" website(check this crap out!)

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by Herp13, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Herp13

    Herp13 Arachnoknight

    Thats a great idea, how do you e-mail him? I looked for it but couldn't find his address. I also saw this crap on his site about hunting dear with a howitzer, what crap:)
  2. Herp13

    Herp13 Arachnoknight

    Check out the FULL image
    You can clearly see the guy that is holding them with a pair of pliers, they are like maybe 3-4". What crap, on the buckstick thingie the picture was extremely blurry and they purposley cut out the right side of the photo so you couldn't see the guys sleeve and hand, what retards:wall:
  3. zinto

    zinto Arachnoknight

    Here's his email: buckstix@aol.com
    He hasn't replied to me...
  4. Goblin_King

    Goblin_King Arachnopeon

    Notice he's asking not for you to submit true stories, but "true stories." haha...
  5. Herp13

    Herp13 Arachnoknight

    Ahahaha, i just finished sending him my e-mail, i wonder what he'll say to that. I posted the original picture(very good show of size, and great quality) and then his photoshoped version(extremely crappy quality and purposley cut out hand and sleeve of sodier holding them). Then i told him all these true facts about them, and told him how gay his deer hunting artillery was, and then i told him he made invertabrete keepers look bad. Oh, and the species they are holding is probobly this...
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2006
  6. bugmankeith

    bugmankeith Arachnoking Old Timer

    Herp13 you read my mind about sending them a picture... Someone who is willing to waste a few bucks should order the "eggs" and see what they really are, or if they will actually send them to you. LOL
  7. Herp13

    Herp13 Arachnoknight

    They can't anymore, apparently they are outlawed...lol. If so, how come we can keep them in our invert collections, yet it is illegal to buy the eggs? Foney coverup on what the eggs really are:) And the tee-shirt is crappy too, i could get the same shirt and draw that stupid graphic then iron it on for $20 less:) Oh, and you can't ever let the eggs near water or they will hatch, like the dormant triops eggs you get in the tadpole shrimp kits.
  8. I loved that bit, " like all spiders eggs they will hatch when they come in cntact with water" What the hell
  9. Herp13

    Herp13 Arachnoknight

    Yeah, what the hell:)
  10. Pyst

    Pyst Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Personally I found the site pretty funny. You guys need to get out more. I don't understand all the fuss you all are making.
  11. Herp13

    Herp13 Arachnoknight

    I don't think it's funny, and you don't have any right to tell me where i need to go. I think this clearly mislabels these amazing creatures and people actually believe this crap, therefor spreading the word and putting more shame towards the invertebrate hobby.
  12. danielr6543

    danielr6543 Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I think this site is quite hillarious myself.. reminds me of the classic bonsai kitten site. I showed this site to my marine buddy who had encountered those things several times in the wild and even he laughed uncontrollabley. The site is insanely hillarious, its made to tick people off, just like bonsai kitten, which also was friggin hillarious. Like to add another site which i find completely hillarious too, http://www.petsorfood.com/ all these fake sites are great... sparks flying, ticking people off. When really it is all created in humor.
  13. Herp13

    Herp13 Arachnoknight

    Actually, sorry for my last post, i was kinda hard headed, if you really do think about it, it is funny, but still stupid.
  14. Jonathan

    Jonathan Arachnoknight Old Timer

    I get the whole "life is too short 'GWAR' thing." It may be funny to a small member of individuals who know that this is false information. The sad part is that there are too many dumb dumbs in this silly facade of a reality we call America that think this is true. This is where I have a problem with this. Anyone can have there opinion about this. Although, if anyone ever judged you by what you kept in your house and it didn't piss you off, then I guess you are cool w/ people making a mockery of what you believe in. I am not. That is wanton BS internet crap.
  15. zinto

    zinto Arachnoknight

    Oh boy...here we go.....
  16. Jonathan

    Jonathan Arachnoknight Old Timer

    LOL.....Bring It!!
  17. zinto

    zinto Arachnoknight

    I just meant that we're going to get into a debate over this...I actually agree with you Jonathon. What angers me the most is that this moron is trying to make money off of his lies. That's what really urks me...also that it's giving crap information to people who have no idea about these things...it's pointless.

    EDIT: He finally responded to me. All he said was "thank you for your comments." What a punk...
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2006
  18. Jonathan

    Jonathan Arachnoknight Old Timer

    That comment wasn't directed at you.
    That crap makes me mad too. Is it pointless, maybe. Then who would we be if we didn't say anything. I would just like to talk to that clown face to face and really see what he is thinking. That is what I dislike about the internet. If it were a face to face arena, 99% of this crap wouldn't be floating around. But there is this state of anonymity that lets people spew diarrhea from the keyboards. I don't even want to talk about profiting from it!
  19. Scorp guy

    Scorp guy Arachnoangel Old Timer

    lol {D {D

    Thing is, if we had about a dozen of these idiots running dumb sites like this, think about it.

    Not long ago, someone posted about a guy at a reptile show telling him all the BS rumors of a camel spider, and the guy was serious.

    Think of this, every single reptile show you go to, all the idiots tell you "yeah man, they get 3 feet long, they kill camels, they scream, and lay peanuts for eggs" what would you do? correct them, yes. Think if thousands of people bleieved this, we'd all be screwed, heck, they wouldnt even be for sale if that was true.

    Funny story. A kid in my class calls me over (knowing im the locale spider boy and know everything...or so they assume.) and shows me something called a camel spider....ive heard of them, but never actually seen them. He argued with me continously, that they grow much larger than that of a T. blondi. I couldnt prove him wrong (during classtime, and didnt have the time) So he convinces the entire class this is by far, the largest living spider. They still beleived it, till i told them right.

    Of course we cant do anything but educate the people who believe this BS, but IMO it's not funny at all. People trying to scam others out of their money, but for what? wearing idiotic T-shirts, so they can tell everyone else of these animals? and to scare them into thinking they are venemous, and they will bite your leg off? it's stupid, It's practically scaring people into buying these things, so they can brag of it to others.....

    i rest my case:shame:
  20. JSN

    JSN Arachnodemon

    awsome, just awsome...
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