First time observing a molt!


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Oct 1, 2009
A few hours ago, my P.pederseni started to molt. It's just a sling, so I decided to just leave it alone and go do something else. Didn't want to jinx it by watching. I came back a few hours later--hadn't moved.

I decided to help matters along by moistening some of the substrate opposite the T, and putting the enclosure on top of my roach tank for some extra heat. Not five minutes later it starts moving again.

Ok. I've never heard of a molt like this guys.
My pokie was upside down, like it's supposed to be. Except it was upside down, latched onto the underside of it's web covering it's burrow. Instead of molting on it's back and pushing the exuvium off of itself, it kinda fell out of the exuvium, doing a slow backflip on the way out to be right-side up.
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Aug 30, 2009

Yea my P. regalis has done something similar where she wasn't on her back nor right side up but about halfway in between. It was an odd one, the specific molt, and not sure if she felt there wasn't enough room or if you think of them being arboreal it could be molting in the crevice of a tree or a small cluster of leaves or something where they can't really be on a flat horizontal surface so they do this half in/half out kinda way. It's cute.