Old Timer
Feb 28, 2007
tonight is the first time i seen any of my T's go after a cricket like my N. valpinus did... here goes my story...

I was in there checking on my T's as usually and I noticed my N. Valpinus was hanging out at the entrance of his burrow and he only does that when he is hungry and waitin for what I did was i got a cricket out of my breeder tank and I drop it in there as soon as my T felt the vibration of the Cricket hittin the substrate it grabbed it up quickly and used its front two legs on both feet to manuever it into position to be ate... I never seen any of my T's do this so quick and it seems like he stretched his self over the top of the burrow because i dropped the cricket on the opposite of the burrrow clearly what he did in like . 5 seconds was crawl up to the side of the vibration..and he kind of fiddled with the cricket like it was too hot to touch like it just came out the over... cricket cookies lol.. for me it was amazing...