Ferret help


Oct 6, 2010
Petco offers insurance, not sure if it covers ferrets but its worth looking into. my ferrets that i had had absolutly no health issues on there kibble/vitamin diet, but maybe thats because once a week thay got health, vitamin enforced Goose soup i made specially for them using a recipe for "duck soup for ferrets" i found. the "rescue" ferret i had (yes he may have been givin to me but i consider it a rescue) the previouse owner had him in a small rat cage, with no room to play in, even tho she had a huge ferret cage, and she had pine shavings in the cage, wich caused a severe upper respitory infection, a week being on the goose soup and he was happy and healthy, started playing again, then saddly a month later my house burnt down and the fire department held me back because i kept trying to run in after my 3 cats and two ferrets since thay said thay where not humans so thay didnt matter.


Old Timer
Aug 17, 2008
You might want to check out fine print on pet insurance, because I was looking into it a while back and most of them do NOT cover common ferret problems like adrenal.