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Jul 19, 2002
Favorite T picks

I know alot of you dont play favorites, and I dont really either, but here are a few honorable mentions in my collection. Feel free to post yours as well.

"Lloth" 6.5" Poecilotheria fasciata - really tought me how to keep T's. If it wasnt for her strength, she wouldve been dead long ago. I have dried her out, heated her up, froze her, starved her, and disturbed her molt! She was my second T(the first died after a month, was a sick male from a bad petshop), and really sent me flying into the hobby. Also my first molt, first pinky, first threat posture.

"Iliana" 5" Grammastola rosea female - My G.rosea gets the award for hardyness. She got her right leg 1 torn off by a bad mate, and barely made it out. After sometime in an ICU, she returned to normalcy.

3/4" Paraphysa scrofa sling- wholly unremarkable and a little scared of food, i just like holding the penny sized red little thing.


3" Psalmopeus cambridgei - just caus those lightning bolts rock

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Oct 3, 2002
Some miserable piece of <expletive> stole my Sony Mavica or I would have a billion more pics to share. This one of my faves tht I took before it was stolen... This is Tillie, my Antillies Pink Toe when she was under 1". She is about 2.5" now.