Favorite Hide


Aug 22, 2010
Hello Arachno-readers,
I am sure there are threads like this somewhere, but I am re-proposing the question, so you can reevaluate your answer. So, what is your favorite type of hide, for whatever reason? And, What is your most creative hide?

My favorite is the flower pot. For my rosie and PZB, it is great. They feel like they are hidden, but I can still see them perfectly. My most creative hide is for my Nhandu chromatus ~3" male. It is the dog house from a doll house. It is a perfect size for him, and there is a window in the side that I oriented towards the side of the tank so I can look in whenever I want.
However, the most creative hide I have ever seen, was at a local zoo. They had a communal setup with emperor scorpions, and they soon figured out that the scorps just hid all of the time, not offering much viewing pleasure. What did they do, you ask? They got a couple of pieces of plexi-glass, put them on the substrate in the middle of the tank and let the scorpions dig under them.;P;P;P
It was pretty cool IMO.



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Jul 27, 2009
I like to make my own hides with two or more pieces of cork. I love seeing hidden spiders pop out and grab prey, so I make em pretty private. The less I see the spider, the more interesting it seems to me. I dunno, I'm just weird like that I guess.

Needless to say my favorites at mealtime are the pet holes, both arboreal (hey, arboreal tube web burrows!) and terrestrial.

I made my rosea a long, large cork hide halfway in the ground, and she only uses it as a bolus depository:wall: