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Ephebopus uataman


Old Timer
May 22, 2005

My computer crashed, so I'm missing a lot of data, but I'll try to reconstruct.

I bred my two females to a loaner male from Southern Spiderworks. Only one female accepted him. There were two good inserts observed before things turned hostile. I got the male out in one piece. Breeding took place on 11/15/06. She was wintered in the common room, with temps dropped to 65 all December. Temp were raised to 70 and flooding began in January and on 01/06/07 she laid her sac. By 01/10/07, however, I noticed the sac at the entrance of her burrow. She had discarded almost immediately and when I pulled, it didn't feel right. I opened, all eggs were in one mass and black.

Eggs might have gotten wet? I'd watered just a few days before.


Old Timer
Jul 9, 2007
emerald skeleton (Ephebopus Uataman)

Successful. Female killed two males during the process. 50 slings in total, a dozen or died during developement.