Dreadlock Wolf

Dec 7, 2010
Hi Guys..

Ive just been lurking a while, i spilt nearly a pint of guinness on my keyboard one merry day over christmas so it was stuck on caps. Hence, i couldnt log in.:D

So i have my G.Rosea about 5 months, She eats great, still a bit skittish when i open the lid on her enclosure.. but other wise cool.

Was just wondering, do you know maybe a good site or type of tank i could get her that is more about width and length then height. Id rather her with more floor space. At the moment shes in a decent size critter keeper for her needs but id like to start looking around. I dont want to have to fill a tank up with 8 inches of sub just to bring the height down. Any ideas? where to buy that is..

p.s. her she is

Fran i bench 80kg beat that;P:worship: