Diamond Coastal


Old Timer
Feb 28, 2007
Since I'm very upset that I sold my previous carpet pythons a few years ago I'm buying some more from Will bird @ ectotherms.net. First im going to get one this week then maybe in a few weeks another one.

If you go to his page then go to Available ~> Available Pythons ~>> Diamond Coastal~~> Intergrades it will be "Male #10220". I'm ready to start all over again with the biting from the babies that I'm sure will last at least two weeks like it did last time around lol.

Anyone have these? or thinking about getting one?

I love these snakes because just like the brazilian rainbow boa they have one of the best appetities and always ate for me without fail. I was thinking about getting a kingsnake from a local person in my area but he was selling them for $20 dollars and that in my opinion is too much of a good deal. I rather pay a lot for a snake from a professional and get a healthy specimen than from a local who won't even put his word behind what he does.

VERY excited!!!! :D:D:D:D:D