Cyriopagopus care issues


Jul 6, 2010
I have 5 various Cyriopagopus slings. 2 schioedtei earth tiger, 2 Cyriopagopus spec.sulawesi black, 1 Cyriopagopus spec. Sumatra. 1 of the sulawesi black never really wanted to eat and died after 4 weeks. The other sulawesi black looks pretty skinny and also dosn't eat much but has eaten. Both molted once even though one died from not eating/dehydration. The 1 Sumatra is very small also even though it has molted it eats very lightly.The 2 earth tigers molted 2 times in the past couple months 1 is very big and eats like a champ the other I found today super skinny and in a death curl, I have placed it into an ICU. It has a super tiny abdomen.

I have maybe 80 slings in my care and these Cyriopagopus are the only ones I seem to be having issues keeping alive. I have all my slings in enclosed heated cabinets at roughly 85 degrees. The humidity in those cases was probably around 60-70. I try to keep the slings pretty humid.

Does anyone have any tips for these Cyriopagopus or am I doing something wrong. Thanks.
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Jul 2, 2008
I have 2 orange, 3 purples and 4 periwinkles. I know exactly what you're talking about.

As for the care of cyriopagopus, I think 85 might be too warm but I'm sure someone will tell me it's not. I keep all of my T's, slings included, in 70ish degree temps.


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Nov 16, 2007
Sounds a little too warm in my opinion.
Ive had unexpected losses with these and Lampropelma, at various sizes.
The enjoy making a burrow as well as adopting arboreal hides. I half fill my cork tubes up with coir and sphagnum moss and let them use this to create deeper hides and to provide comouflage. Your enclosure should be large, busy with arboreal furnishings, fairly moist (but not swampy), humid and dark.
I find they eat well but I rarely see them, shame as they're beauties.