Cricket thief Aka iggi


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Mar 5, 2021
When I first joined the arachnoboards it was because I had found a spider in my crickets thanks to the ppl on here I found out this dot of a spider was a cricket thief. 20210305_151241.jpg
Being in the uk they aren't native to us so I decided to keep him. We called him iggi pop because he is the passenger 😁 and built him a little home and he ate happily and soon after molted so he was now a full 1mm big 😆 20210321_090948.jpg
I decided to upgrade his viv as I didn't like the cable ties I had had to use for him to climb after his sticks got fluffy. He settled in quickly and seemed to be content . He made a web which he hadn't done before (it doesn't pic up on my phone cam it's so fine) and has again molted in my care 😊 20210415_090448.jpg
He gained alot of size on his last molt and now has a 1cm dls and hangs out most days on his twig sunning himself . I promised I would update on iggi as he grew and this I hope will be the first of many updates. I enjoy watching him do spooder stuff chasing fruit flys doing spooda yoga . I hope ppl will see that they are a fun spider to keep.