Crazy death of my cobalt!! any ideas???


May 6, 2010
So I bought a H.lividum from a local pet store bc of the conditions it was being kept and it was missing a leg. I had it almost 7 months, it ate every time except when in premolt. I saw it 2 nights ago out of its burrow walking around. Last night I was checking on everybody and giving out crickets as a snack....when I got to my cobalt I could see it had its curled under it so I blew down in the burrow praying for a response....didnt happen. So i dug it up only to find it had died. Wierd thing is that its abdomen was wet like it had busted but their was no visible damage and there was little white or pale colored what looked exactly like mites that ive had on reptiles before. The only thing I can think of is that it was some kind of internal parasite that finally wanted to come out or something. It sucks bc it actually molted once in my care grew the leg back and was a female with a very light colored carapace....anyways if anyone has any ideas I would be very interested if anyone else knows what those little things were??? Sorry no pics.


Old Timer
Aug 27, 2009
Id say most, if not all adult H. livdum in LPS's are wild ya, prolly a parasititic type of issue....or damage done from the previous poor conditions?...alot of these type of deaths are, and always be very mysterious....sorry to here about your haplo