Communal setup


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2003
I also saw the most amazing communal setup yesterday.It was an app 4'x4' x2'(high) aquarium.It 3/4 full of black earth and cedarmulch substrate.The substrate was covered with decaying leaves,branches/sticks/banana peels.There were plenty of shelters(peices of cork bark,rocks,small hollow logs etc.In the middle of the substrate an appr 4' fig tree was growing.All of this was entirely enclosed(top 3/4 in a wire mesh).In this enclosure was about about 8-10 "different" species of T's and spiders..and a vast array of insects...from roaches to walking sticks to beetles.A total functioning communal setup.It was quite the sight to see.All I have now is this picture of a communal setup in my living goes to prove given the right conditions/environment all different species of T's/insects/inverts can live together in captivity.And another amazing thing about the setup is it's appr.90% self sufficient..needing little to no outside help..peace
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