Close to making a first purchase and wanted to ask something


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Sep 2, 2019
Even if the pet shop has CB, don't buy them. Support the people here that have legit credentials and reviews that have seriously hand cared for spiders. Box stores should die out. No, I'm not a shill and yes I have spent too much money on spiders here but that's not the issue. Supporting local RESPONSIBLE breeders is what the hobby needs. Do your research on the one you want, sack up and buy 2 or 3 so you can perpetuate what we want to buy/see more of.


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Dec 24, 2018
My mistake on the herp thing. I knew about the leg hazard. Hear they can sometimes chew through too.

Thank you for the welcome. Yes, this seems a great and helpful community. It's clear spider owners are very passionate about the hobby. I bought a Ttlitsocatl sabulosum earlier today - there are a couple of pics on one of my posts a little back. She's a little beaut. I've heard some vagans and sabulosum can be defensive, but mine's very chilled so far. I like the nutbag descriptor, though! :D

I don't know much about tarantula prices by country, but hey, you guys have them native, which is pretty cool. Albeit your country is large enough that that's probably meaningless to most!
T. sabulosum is an excellent choice. That is one that is on my list to get still.

My T. vagans has never given me a threat pose, exposed fangs or kicked hair at me. Instead he can be a pet rock staying in one spot for an extended time, take off like a bat out of hell or just be skittish retreating down into his burrow.

What he really likes doing however is when I lift the top feeding door on his Kritter Keeper to fill his water dish he teleports to it and strikes multiple times at the water.

He thinks it's either food or something moving around. Nonetheless it is entertaining.

For the record.....if there is a tarantula in the enclosure my hand never goes in.....ever. Fingers might seem like giant worms for them lol