Cleaning or rehousing HEAVY webbers.


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Apr 16, 2007
I am looking for advice on how to clean the enclosers of,or the rehousing of
heavy webbers.Specifically P.Murinus and C.Cyaneopubescens.
How do I get them in a deli cup with all thse thick webs. Last time I rehoused my OBT I tried to coax it out of its hide and almost lost her to a lightning fast escape attempt. My GBB is still in the pet shop K.K. I purchased her in 2 months ago and its filthy.
Thanks jason


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May 29, 2007
Are you looking for an entire substrate change and clean out or just to remove the nasty stuff?

For the just the nasty stuff I just place the cage in the bathtub and use my long handled tweezers to pick out molts, food boluses, unfinished food etc. You really don't do much damage to the web that way and the tub helps prevent escapes.

For a bigger clean-up but not a complete change-maybe I need to remove some webbing to clean-up some food that died under it or that a T didn't eat for some reason I use a Q-Tip to move aside that section of web and get on with it.

For a substrate change I put the T in a temporary container and just clean it out. Be warned webs are easiest to remove dry, but if I don't need to remove them I don't. I think it's less stressful for the T if their webbing is left intact.

I only do substrate changes if I have a mold or similar problem or am moving the T to a whole new enclosure.



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Jun 29, 2007
I just rehoused my GBB today, It went from a small round KK into a med KK, I just tilted both containers towards each other, tapped the T on the bum with my finger, and he scooted into his new enclosure with no fuss.

Man was his mat of webbing in his old KK thick, It pulled up about an inch of strate when I pulled it out.

Good luck.