Chubby Critter...


Old Timer
Oct 24, 2005
Unfourtunately, my Male flat rock scorpion is looking more like a fat rock scorpion at the moment. He used to be such a sleek looking dude...

Now, I don't know exactly how to put a scorpion on a diet. :rolleyes: I currently offer him one cricket a week, but he only accepts it once in a while. I guess that comes out to one or two crickets per month, excluding the long fasts he puts himself on.

Even If I knew how to put a scorpion on a diet, I suspect it will take a long time. My female hasn't eaten since the November 11, and she is still a chub ball.

Come to think of it, my red rump tarantula and vinegaroon could stand to lose some weight too.

Any tips to help my critters look sleek and shiny again?