Chilobrachys andersoni


Old Timer
Jul 7, 2006
hi folks,

I purchased a Chilobrachys andersoni female from mads at arachnophiliacs in December. He had the spider for one year and he never bred it nor did it molt in his care. I have been keeping it in a shoe box at room temperature (19-21C) and humidity about 40-50% but not with any kind of regulation or misting, just normal room conditions. She was fed intermittently 3-5 crickets every two weeks or so. I work out of town and she dropped the egg sack between feb 21 and mar 5. She has completely sealed off about 1/3 of the shoe box with webbing and lined the floor of the shoe box as well. Note that there was just 1/4 inch of substrate on the bottom.
She must have been bred with a male well over a year ago because as stated mads had her for a year and myself for 3 months where she had no contact with a male.
The egg sack is about the size of a ping pong ball (1.5" in diameter give or take). I will keep her in a quiet area and add a bit of humidity and feed her crickets is she eats them (I gave her two when i saw the sack) but if the crickets go uneaten i will not feed her any more. I am trying to prevent her from eating the egg sack of course.
I bred avic avic before and they did not feed while with the sack.

Any helpful hints and advice are appreciated. Of course I am very excited about this unexpected luck.