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Chaerilus sp. (possibly celebensis)


Old Timer
Jan 24, 2006
I was packing some Chaerilus in film cups last night (for shipping). Normally, they are quite docile and easy to handle. In fact they have this habit of playing dead. There was this one female specimen 1-1.25 inches who refused to let go of the bark where she was on. So I decided to use a small paintbrush to nudge the scorp of the bark that I was now holding. I was doing it gently, but the bristle may have annoyed her. She quickly became ballistic and started pinching the brush while swinging her tail wildly. Then bam! Her telson hit my left thumb. I quickly felt a sharp pain similar to getting a wood splinter or a paper cut. I then put her back in the enclosure and washed my hands. The pain went away immediately. No other effects were observed, not even a visible bump on my skin. 24 hours after I couldn't even pinpoint the exact spot on my thumb. Either it was a dry sting, or the Chaerilus venom is not that potent.

I continued packing the other scorps using my hands and all of them played dead. So I experimeted with the brush again. This time taking care not to get tagged. Only 3 out of 9 reacted violently towards the paintbrush.