Call for Help


Old Timer
Aug 9, 2002
Hello all,

I am writing this post to ask for help. The city I live in has just merged with surrounding municipalities to form the new city of Ottawa.

The problem with a new city is that they now have an excuse to draw up new bylaws. They are trying to ban all arachnids from being kept in this city. With little or no success up to this point in getting bylaw people to return my calls... they have now gotten in touch with me to speak at a invitiation only city meeting. This sounds like good news at first... but the problem lies in that I only have 4 days to prepare for my presentation.

What I need help with from y'all is that I need articles/stats/documentation that I can bring as proof and evidence that politicians will understand.

I may also be calling upon you to write to my city council (in a professional polite way of course) and tell them that tarantulas are harmless and make great pets.

I will post again soon with addresses and more info... for now I really need concrete stuff to bring with me to the meeting.

Thanks all!!