C Paganus mating silliness



So for the third time I let my C paganus couple get it on last night and this time I finally witnessed some really nice inserts. It was weird though. He wandered around doing his funky little dance for like an hour and he kept crawling on top of her and bumping into her and once or twice he even fell off the glass right on top of her ans she didnt care at all. She wanted him bad. Everytime he came close she would get ready for him to attach to her and he would just wander off elsewhere. It was like the tenth time that they bumped into each other that my stupid male finally hooked her fangs and got it on. I cant believe how such a vicious tarantula like her is so gentle when she has a male around.

One question: Now that they have had one really good mating experience, how long should I wait before putting them together again?