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Bronx Zoo, NY

Discussion in 'Zoo Trips (Man Made Habitats)' started by Philth, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Hedorah99

    Hedorah99 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    They were renovating one of the older buildings intoa Madagascar exhibit. Well, a year ago they were at least. They said opening for spring 07. I am not seeing anything on their website, so maybe plans changed.
  2. DracosBana

    DracosBana Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Found this on their site, the page about the renovations to Astor Court:

  3. AfterTheAsylum

    AfterTheAsylum Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Try hitting the Newport Aquarium on the Cincy, Ohio / Kentucky border. The only sharkray on display in the world! Has an aquarium over 1 million gallons. Octopi, hammerheads, eels, sting rays, a gator pit, otters, penguins... I gotta upload some pics... damn it.

    I have a video of one of the monkey's playing with himself. Much funnier than on TV.
  4. Dom

    Dom Arachnolord Old Timer

    Great pics!!
    I love the Bronx Zoo. One thing I love about it is that it's in a location that is totally urban and concrete with no real trees around. When you walk through the gates of the zoo it's like a living oasis in the middlle of the concrete jungle.
  5. bluerich74

    bluerich74 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I was at The Bronx Zoo in 1989.I thought it was awesome then and Im sure its much improved now.I really loved the rain forrest.Maybe Ill see it again one day.:drool:
  6. fangsalot

    fangsalot Arachnobaron Old Timer

    wow ive seen these in books.are they protected?are they easily obtainable??
  7. fangsalot

    fangsalot Arachnobaron Old Timer

    why do i always do that?i ask the question without looking it up first,,duuuhh!yeah there endangered,DARNIT!
  8. Hedorah99

    Hedorah99 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Most Atelopus sp. are critically endangered. There is a professor at Yale who has the last 16 of one of the species.
  9. UrbanJungles

    UrbanJungles Arachnoprince


    So may Memories...I was a keeper at BX for a while.

    Thanks for sharing..
  10. Schlyne

    Schlyne Arachnoangel Old Timer

    What are those?
  11. Hedorah99

    Hedorah99 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Look like mongooses. Don't know what species.
  12. xgrafcorex

    xgrafcorex Thread Killer Old Timer

    you sure? i thought they were skinnier than that. i was thinking mongooses (i always thought it was mongeese hah) looked more like ferrets or something.
  13. james

    james Arachnobaron Old Timer


    Just curious what there insect section was like? Some time ago I shipped them a pile of roaches and was curious what they ended up looking like on display.
  14. Philth

    Philth N.Y.H.C. Arachnosupporter

    I dont have and pics or remember seeing any roaches on display. Are you sure they were for display? I'll try to get some bug pics up when I have time.

    Later, Tom
  15. james

    james Arachnobaron Old Timer

    not sure

    I'm not sure but I sent them alot of species and it was the biggest box of roaches I ever shipped. This was roght when it first opened, but anyway I was just curious.
  16. UrbanJungles

    UrbanJungles Arachnoprince

    Dwarf Mongoose.
    At the mousehouse I assume?
  17. RoachGirlRen

    RoachGirlRen Arachnoangel

    Lovely photos; I adore the Bronx zoo and frequent it. I can't wait until madagascar opens.
    There are indeed some inverts on display, mostly millipedes, tarantulas, large beetles, and assassin bugs. I do not recall roaches, but I went to a workshop at the zoo once and got to meet one of the on staff entomologists who was very much into roaches. They had several species breeding "behind closed doors" so to speak, though none on display to the best of my knowing.
  18. IguanaMama

    IguanaMama Arachnoangel Old Timer

    The Bronz Zoo is well over 100 years old, soooooooo I doubt you sent them roaches for their opening. One of DH's patients is a curator there, I will ask him to ask him about what they would have done with a giant box of roaches. My guess they were used behind the scenes or for food or research.
  19. UrbanJungles

    UrbanJungles Arachnoprince

    The roaches there are strictly used for food...no roach displays unless you count some of the cages in the monkey house.
  20. james

    james Arachnobaron Old Timer

    well you would know better than me

    I can't remember the broker but I shipped them a ton of species and he said it was for a new insect wing of the zoo. This was some time back but I do not know anything about the zoo since I live in California. I was just curious because they order some rare species, but it sounds like they just became food.
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