Old Timer
Dec 16, 2002
Hey all...just found this forum and love it so far.
Does anyone know where I can find a pricing guide of sorts for spiderlings of various species? I'm thinking of breeding and wouldn't know what to charge the local exotics shop...
Thanks in advance!

Code Monkey

Old Timer
Jul 22, 2002
Well, assuming you ever succeed (and depending on species) you're likely to get far more slings than any one shop will take off of your hands -> example: A. geniculata might produce 1000 slings from just one sac!

You're going to either have to solicit a lot of shops or sell online if you want to get rid of all the slings without culling.

That said, look at the online dealers and get a feel for what the average price is for the different species. There's over a hundred species regularly in the trade and another hundred-fifty or so that have been in the trade and may or may not appear sporadically - you aren't going to find anyone who's going to do your homework for you. Anyhoo, take whatever the dealers are charging and figure you can get 20% to 30% of that price in small quantities, if you actually do find someone to take all the slings off your hand at once, figure maybe 10% of that price a pop. If you sell directly to hobbyists, you can charge prices in line with what the dealers are, but you got to make a lot of trips to the post office.

Bottom line: you don't breed tarantulas to make money. Sure, you might get a few hundred dollars from a sac, but if you aren't doing it for the love of the hobby, there are a hell of a lot more profitable ways to make money. Further, most pairings don't result in viable slings - it's a lot of investment for equipment and livestock with zero guarantee of any return.