Breeding Loans, When nd How?

Desert Rose

May 23, 2007
My chilean rose, molted into a mature male in late June of 2007, he has since made two sperm webs. One a week after his molt and one today August 20, 2007. He's charged up and ready.

How would I go about getting such a common tarantula on a breeding loan? I know that all he wants right now is babies, and I think if thats all he wants before he dies, that's what I'll give him.

He has quite a pair of palps on him. His front legs have a blue metallic tint, in the right lighting, and his shiny pink carapace is dwarfed by his long blonde legs. Also, he's about 5 inched in legs span.

If anybody needs a mature male, just PM with when and how you want to go about sending him over. Thanks.


Old Timer
Oct 4, 2005
Put him in the inversonals. Say in the ad you have a mature male G. rosea for breeding, what kind of terms you want, for example, do you want half of any eggsack that may be produced? Do you want your male back after the mating if he survives? Write in the ad what you want and then wait for it to be answered.
Good luck!!