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Genus Brachypelma

Discussion in 'Tarantula Pictures' started by MrDeranged, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Crotalus

    Crotalus Arachnoking Old Timer

    Confirmation on your specimen or for the species?
    A revision on its way or?

  2. metallica

    metallica Arachnoking Old Timer

    on my specimen. the genus is a mess..... but then what genus isn't?? on top of that 2 more Brachy species were added this year (schroederi and verdezi (sold a lot as B. pallidum)) but no revision in sight. even if i have confermation on my specimen, would i post here? all the replies i would get would be like: looks like a smithi to me or mmmm just another colorform of smithi like annitha.
    ah well time will tell! my spider donated a leg to science, a English guy does DNA researche on Brachypelma.
  3. Crotalus

    Crotalus Arachnoking Old Timer

    Verdezi? I missed that one :) Is it schroederi that are all black? Or is that..yet another one?! ;-)
    About the picture, can you mail it to me? If so use this addy: minax@chello.se
    Once they thought auratum to be a highland form of smithi..
    I dont really like to speculate - if its described as a species I consider it to be a species until someone proves that its not. Only hunches and suspition is not enough for me. I guess its too easy to describe new species and get it published.
    Sounds interesting, I hope the english DNA guy does a good job.

  4. bluerich74

    bluerich74 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    My little savage B.Albopilosum.
  5. Dafne

    Dafne Arachnobaron Old Timer

    My B. albopilosum...


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  6. Mendi

    Mendi Arachnowolf Old Timer

    Yeah, another thread revival, but where better to post new pictures of Brachy's?

    Up first, is a very young B.smithi

    He should grow-up looking a lot like "Alice"

    Then here's my young female B.emilia "Gypsy", just starting the really bright colors

    Last up. is "Fierce", a male B.vagas close to the same age as "Gypsy" though a little slower of getting his adult bright red
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2004
  7. laila

    laila Arachnosquire

    I have some too....

    Well, metallica: Your pictures are great, as always!!!

    But here are some of mine:

    First: B. albopilosum juvenile
    Second: B. boehmei sling
    Third: B. smithi adult female

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  8. laila

    laila Arachnosquire

    And last, but not least...

    My B. vagans juvenile.

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  9. metallica

    metallica Arachnoking Old Timer

    don't you love it, when they start showing their colors?
    hey your pics are nice and in focus! you could place yout spiders on leaves, outside of the tank, this way you dont get those nasty tank edges on the pic! also it is easier to light them this way! good luck!

  10. laila

    laila Arachnosquire

    Yes, I do love it! And there's nothing like a freshly molted T. :)
    Thank you very much for hints and tips!!! Highly appreciated, because I really admire your pics...
  11. detail of B.albopilosum. nothing spectacular, but it´s the best result with macro so far :rolleyes:

  12. versus

    versus Arachnobaron Old Timer

    nice one, marcel....
  13. weisi

    weisi Arachnopeon

    something happend yesterday in my living-room.............

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  14. weisi

    weisi Arachnopeon

    some more Pixs.......

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  15. 8leggedfriends

    8leggedfriends Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Why doesnt anyone keep any B. angustum? They are very good spiders just you dont seem them very often. outside of mine i havent seen anyone elses?
  16. No name

    No name Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Brachypelma Boehmei

    Hi All,

    Some Brachypelma photos to share.




  17. Schlyne

    Schlyne Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Brachypelma boehmei

    My Mexican Fire Leg. I just picked up this guy from Botar at Lee Watson's Swap. {D It's about 1.5 inches though.

  18. jw73

    jw73 Arachnobaron

    Maybe because it is very similar to B. vagans. I have one B. angustum but still so small about 1,5'' legspan.
  19. jw73

    jw73 Arachnobaron

    Nice picture. This red on knees looks like on knees of B. auratum. Maybe It is just monitor colour.
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