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Brachypelma sabulosum


Old Timer
May 22, 2005

I lost most of my data in a computer crash earlier this year, but I'll try and reconstruct using what info I have.

Okay, the male and female were both mine and unrelated. Breeding took place on 11/10/06, with two good inserts observed. The female was 7 weeks past her latest molt and the male was 4 weeks past his, having just spun his very first sperm web.

I fed up the female for the rest of the month and she was placed into the gravid mamas' room instead of being wintered. Temperatures were kept at a constant 80 during the day and 78 at night, with humidity locked on 65%. She was neither spritzed nor watered. She burrowed and enclosed herself on 03/02/07 and laid her sac on 03/10/07. The sac was allowed to remain with mom until 03/31/07, when I pulled and began to manually incubate. On 04/04/07 I opened to find eggs with legs! Yay! There were 853 eggs with legs, of which 772 became 1st instar nymphs. On 05/17/07 they began to molt into 2nd instar.


Sep 2, 2009
Mating: 14th Nov 2009.

Kokon laid:22th March 2010.

Kokon opened - at the new owner: 20th April 2010. (L1)

Number of slings : cca. 400 pieces



Old Timer
Oct 1, 2010

Female last molt: unknown
Male matured: 11-25-11

Temp: 80F
Hum: 60%

First pairing: 3-22-12

Places male with female, there was immediate drumming and intrest from both sexes. Immediate pairings, with several good insertions. I removed male, and fed both sexes the next night. I placed male in with the female, and left to cohab. He stayed with her for weeks at a time. Then i would remove him, and let them have a few days, and start over. One time, i found the male to not be in his normal spot of ontop her hide, or beside it. I looked into her hide, and he was laying on the substrate upside down, and she was on top of him. I figured oh great, he is done, so i will let her eat him. Then a few hours later i checked, and he was out in his usual spot and totally fine. I figured he was just underneath her pairing due to the limited space inside the hide. The female was always very gentle with him, and he is a amazing breeder.

Sac laid: 5-1-12

Sac pulled: 6-2-12
250 1st instar with atleast 50 bad eggs/stuck embryos.

Molting into 2nd instar: 7-3-12
Total of 239 good 2nd instars. A few had died molting to 2nd instar, and a few others were cannibalized.