blondi gonna shed?


Dec 10, 2006
I've posted on here before about my Theraphosa blondi, Gabriela, I got her 23rd December 06 and so far no problems at all (in fact she's really sweet), she's gone off her locusts for the past 2 weeks, and, being a paranoid new tarantula mummy I thought I'd ask: does it sound like pre-shed behavior?
How long does a pre-shed fast usually last with blondis (I've heard wildly conflicting there an average?)
She has been having 2-3 sub-adult locusts a week (She's about 5-6" leg span) and she leaps on them if i poke them (using a spoon taped to a stick) into her burrow entrance, but she just wouldn't grab one yesterday.
I'm not desperately concerned, I'd just really like to know how long it might be before she sheds and I do need to worry lol.
Also, she did have a piece of cork bark in her tank but the lichen on it started going mouldy, I removed it as soon as I noticed, and it was at the other end of her tank. I had a look around in the tank but I couldn't see any that had spread (she has a coir substrate and I remove any locust debris). Should I worry about this?
thanks for your help.


Old Timer
Oct 26, 2006
My 6 1/2 inch Blondi went into pre-moult for about 8 weeks, came out of the moult as a 8+ inch monster !:eek:
My 2 inch Blondi was in pre-moult for about 2 weeks and doubled in size!
As far as I know, the bigger the beast, the longer the pre-shed period is.
Is the abdomen dark at all ? It's worth removing anything that might go mouldy, and then try to leave her alone but make sure she has plenty of water available.
Good luck !


Old Timer
Nov 9, 2006
I keep my blondi in a big tank (1m*50cm*70cm). It made a really big burrow. I've never seen my blondi molt. Once every time I see her removing her old skin out of her burrows. Don't worry too much. It's also possible that she stops eating without going into a molt. When I don't seen any other signs I start feeding every two weeks with one locust. If she doesn't catch that locust within say two hours, remove it...

Keep track of humidity. I increase humidity when a molt is due a little.

Good luck and don't worry. It will come out looking great.......

To answer your question. My blondi usually molts within a month (those molts that I did notice.)