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Best Digital Cam with Manual Functions?

Discussion in 'Through the Lens' started by WYSIWYG, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Venom

    Venom Arachnoprince Old Timer

    A couple other good sites are:



    These should get on the road to understanding the techno jargon of digital photography, as well as having extremely in-depth reviews on many cameras.
  2. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    The Canon Digital Rebel does not take pictures using the LCD screen. You have to look throught the window like you would do in a regular 35mm camera. MY screen is off until I take apicture, then it will show a preview of the picture just taken.
  3. Dee

    Dee Arachnopeon

    Whats a good camera for somebody on a really tight budget? Should I stick to scanning film or invest money in a digital camera. I want pictures of my babies for everyone to see. :3

    EDIT: has to be MAC compatible. ^^; Forgot that.
  4. Venom

    Venom Arachnoprince Old Timer

    With the olympus you can use the screen to shoot. It is a fast refresh live feed of what the camera sees-like the lcd screen on a video camera--and its framing is 100% accurate. With the peer-through viewfinder you do have to adjust however, but like I said I think it has markings on the viewfinder lenses that show you where the picture will actually be, so you can still use it to frame.

    WYSIWYG SpiderLoco Old Timer


    I would think a digital might be better than scanning in pix from film. I imagine it would depend on the actual quality of the scanner though.

    As to me, I went ahead and spent the extra for the Canon Digital Rebel. I found a used one on Ebay. It was less than a year and came with 1 lense. Sure, it doesn't have everything I want, but after spending a smidge over $600 (with shipping), all I need for it is a battery, and then I'm ready to get started.

    I just couldn't find anything less expensive with such great reviews. There were a few people who slammed it, but overall, people were really happy with it.

    Anyway, I did my research and even the used ones are running close to what the brand new ones are running. That's a good thing, because when I get to the point that I can afford to upgrade to a better camera, I'll be able to sell it and get most of (if not all) my money back out of it. :)

    I look forward to "bugging" ya'll with my spider pix soon. :)

    Catch ya'll later and thanks for your help.

  6. ChrisNCT

    ChrisNCT ChrisinTennessee Arachnosupporter

    Good buy! Any ideas on the lens that it comes with?

    WYSIWYG SpiderLoco Old Timer

    Canon EFS 18-55mm lens

    I imagine that's pretty standard for a camera sold with a lense?
    As expensive as it was for me, I doubt I'll be adding a macros or longer
    telephoto lense.

    It should be interesting to see what I can come up with. One thing I'd like to do is find out what an adapter would cost (if there IS such a thing) so that I can use my k-mount zoom lense (80-200), though I'm not sure that would even work.

    We went to the store today and I found a place that actually had this camera in stock. I got to look it over, though I just can't wait to GET it so I can start bugging everyone with it! ;)
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